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Will Your Money Last as Long as You Do? Thumbnail

Will Your Money Last as Long as You Do?

When your parents retired, they probably counted on substantial outside income to fund their golden years, including Social Security benefits and a corporate pension plan that also may have provided health benefits to retirees. While Social Security remains a crucial part of a retirement plan, pensions are dwindling and becoming a part of the American landscape of the past.

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Building Your Bridge to Retirement Thumbnail

Building Your Bridge to Retirement

Have you started building a solid bridge to retirement? Don't build it on sand - make sure you have a solid foundation. Get your FREE guide today to help show you how!

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10-Step Layoff Survival Guide  Thumbnail

10-Step Layoff Survival Guide

Access this special guide that lays out some easy-to-follow steps that could show you more choices and flexibility than you thought you had if you're facing a sudden layoff or employment change near retirement.

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ABC's of Fixed Index Annuities  Thumbnail

ABC's of Fixed Index Annuities

Have you heard about fixed index annuities, but unsure what they are? Are they suitable for you? This guide helps you understand the advantages and costs of fixed index annuities, and how they compare to other annuities.

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The Retirement Playbook Thumbnail

The Retirement Playbook

Looking to retire strong? Look no further than our Retirement Playbook, a quick guide that provides 9 key steps to help plan and act in your retirement planning.

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