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IRA-To-IUL Conversion Strategy Thumbnail

IRA-To-IUL Conversion Strategy

Roth conversions have been the popular way to move money from tax-deferred to tax-free for some time, but the IRA-to-IUL strategy is quickly becoming just as popular. Could it work for you?

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Tax Strategies Thumbnail

Tax Strategies

With increased government spending and rising debt, taxes could become a huge threat! How can you use the right tax bucket to set you free of the looming tax problems?

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Your Retirement Income Planning Checklist Thumbnail

Your Retirement Income Planning Checklist

Have you started to plan for the retirement you want? If not, you don't want to plan for retirement on hope or a "what-if". This checklist is a great tool to get started, and will help get you moving on the right path to a more secure retirement!

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Planning for Healthcare Thumbnail

Planning for Healthcare

We hope you'll never need it, but what if you need long-term care? Do you have a plan? Healthcare could be the one expense that makes or breaks your retirement. This guide will help walk you through important factors for planning for healthcare in retirement!

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Work Smarter, Not Harder Thumbnail

Work Smarter, Not Harder

You're working more, earning more, and saving more to have enough in your retirement. But what if we tell you that by working smarter, not harder, you could maximize your retirement savings? If you think your money is working too hard, then download this report today - It's a must read!

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Evaluating Your Blueprint for Life Thumbnail

Evaluating Your Blueprint for Life

A second opinion can bring so much value, whether it's a construction quote, doctors visit, or your retirement plan. Should you treat your life insurance and annuities similarly? This special report will help answer that question, as well as give you some key things to consider when it comes to your policies.

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